stuff i grow

Pics of plants i grow, May organize it better in the future
  1. Black Dragon coleus in a 3x3 ebb & flow
  2. Black Dragon Coleus
  3. Baby Black Dragon Coleus, In 4x4x4 rock wool block surrounded by Hydroton in a 9x9 square net pot.
  4. Black dragon coleus
  5. More black dragon coleus
  6. Even More Black Dragon Coleus
  7. Lime Green Zinnia reaching for its sun.
  8. Blooming Lime Green Zinnia
  9. Drip into Coco coir in a 4x4 flood table. Lime Green Zinnias
  10. Side shot of Zinnias
  11. Picture from outside the room
  12. First ladies and the Nutrients that fed them.
  13. Up close of First Lady marigold flower.
  14. First lady Marigolds with snow on the ground outside.
  15. My zinnias, in a drip, and my Fladria bib lettuce in a NFT
  16. First Lady Marigolds
  17. First Lady Marigolds gettin old
  18. Baby First Lady Marigolds
  19. Up close this is the same system that has the Coleus in it.
  20. grow room 2
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