View Full Version : Just retired and want to go Hydro

05-30-2009, 04:15 PM
Need info on where to buy, what to buy for growing vegetables ie: tomatoes, peppers green onions etc. I have a space that is 10 feet wide X 60 feet long I can covert to use as a hydroponic garden. I live in So. Calif.

09-02-2009, 08:10 PM
i dont know where you can buy i dont live in the states.

but i can tell you what you'll need.

research "flood and drain" and "Drip" systems. for your first time i wouldnt go with aeroponics or anything similar.

personally for your first time i would go with a Drip system, very easy to maintain and build.

thats a big area, i wish i had that much space for a grow :D


so what you'll need: (hmmm this is going to be harder then i thought)

ok before i begin with the HUGE supply list heres some tips:

1) dont grow two different types of plants in the same table
**reason: different growth rates and nutrient demands

2) a lot of people use HPS lights throughout the growth of the plant.(this requires ventilation ducts and fans to keep the room and your lights cool)

3) FULL spectrum Fluorescents are good to especially for green onions, herbs and small plants.(ive tried bean plants under Fluorescents and it worked well, dont know about peppers though)

^^^^ if you do go with the Fluorescents you wouldnt need hardly any duct work or fans(1 to pull air in and 1 to pull air out, and maybe a couple of osc fans to make the breeze effect)


if HPS: for a 10Ft X 60Ft space you would need 400W per 4ft"L" x 4ft"W", or 600W per 4ft"W" x 8ft"L" <---- you can get 14 tables in your room and still have that 2 feet walking space to get to eatch one


|||||||| so 4ftW x 8ftL(i hope this thing puts them together)

oh well if not all i have to say is have 2 tables side by side so that 4W X 8L table would be 8W X 8L table. then you would do that again LENGTH WISE until you get to 60ft or 7x2=14 tables long.

* the reason for picking a 4ft x 8ft table is because you can easily buy them from your hydro store or order them off the net.

If Fluorescents: i would go with the 200W SUNBLASTERS they do require a mogul base but hardly need any wiring expertise.

i wouldnt exactly know how much Fluorescents you would need for this space i would say 2 per table.

HOLY CRAP - yah so ive been rambling on as if you want to use this space to its full potential, if not then please tell me the exact dimensions or take some of what i told you and try to figure it out on your own.


and really get back to me, i'll help as much as i can. if you find a hydro store near your area you should just ask them to help you on the project because its easier to help someone when your physically in the growing area.