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09-04-2006, 02:51 AM
i just germinated 30 seeds. 3 packets of 10. 2 of these were different types from about a year ago and one packet was the same type but newly purchased... so they've all grown about 4 or 5 inches, and they can't really stand on their own, so i've attached them to stakes. i've also moved them up to the light (i'd thought because there is a dome that goes with the tray, that the light could be as far from the tray as if it were just above the dome). did they stretch out maybe because they were too far from the light? it's also been a little hot in there... 85degrees most of the time and now more like 80.

i watered them the first time with spring water because i didn't have distilled... then i went to distilled with 150ppm fertilizer and now in week two i've gone up to 230ppm. for some reason almost all the seedlings have wavy leaves. just one wave in each leaf. i guess i must assume it's an environmental problem because the seeds are from 3 different batches. could it be just from a nutrient in the spring water the 1 time I watered with that? or maybe 150ppm was too much?

the light cycle has also been intererupted once. they were on a 14-10 light/dark cycle and I turned the lights on to water one night and left them on for about 3 hours. i think the plants were just under week old at this point. is this likely to have any consequences? thanks.

09-07-2006, 11:32 PM

I see two problems.

1) Light
2) Nutrients

No light, or weak lighting will cause weak and spindly plants. This happens because the plant is trying to search for light.

I don't favor watering seedlings with just plain distilled or RO water. There is absolutely nothing but H2O available to the young plant. Start seeds and young seedlings with a mild solution of nutrients 200-300 ppm. Never go from 0pp to 150 or even 200ppm (especially with young seedlings). It is best to start from the beginning with about 200-300ppm.

04-22-2007, 01:17 PM
For the next seedling try to use Jiffy Pellets (available on store) they have the necessary amount of nutrients for germination stage.
Also first 2-5 days they dont need ANY type lights after that depends on the growing stages they will need different type of lights (different specter)
Temperature is also essential ( usually I suggest 25 degree Celsius ) ;

As dhill well said NEVER use RO (reverse osmosis) water .
This water is TAP and have no nutrients in it

So good luck,