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11-24-2009, 01:45 PM
hey guys,
i'm just getting started and am a bit overwhelmed by all the different nutrients and additives out there. I went to a store near my place and was more confused when i left then when i got there.
any recommendations on the different brands of nutrients. what are a few of the best additives out there?
I'm new to this so i don't want it to be too complicated, but obviously i want the best results.....

John M.
11-24-2009, 05:00 PM
What system are you planning on running? This will help members decide what to recommend.

12-07-2009, 04:18 PM

Heres a simple breakdown of nuts for beginners.
You've got Base nutrients and you've got additives. Base nutrients are absolutely necessary for plant development, especially if you're feeding with filtered water. Additives however, are not necessary and are meant to merely enhance certain aspects of the plants including but not limited to, hardening flowers, enlarging flowers, early ripening, enhancing natural taste and aroma, increasing resin and essential oil production, etc.

Simple base nutrients for beginners

CNS 17 which stands for Commercial Nutrient System with 17 trace minerals, is in my opinion an easy to use 1 part nutrient system for beginners. Because it contains all 17 trace minerals found in most soils, you will notice less time spent dealing with defincencies. You've got the Grow formula for Vegetative Growth, and the bloom formula for the flowering period.

Another good line of nutrients for beginners is the Flora Nova series from General Hydroponics. It is also a simple one part solution with the Grow and Bloom formulas. General Hydro has been around for almost 35 years and their products are backed by their reputation for being the first in the business.

Also i'd recommend using a Catalyst Enhancer with your base nutrients. For this you would use Floralicious Plus. This is a simple additive to be used along with your base nutrients, and its purpose to is to allow your plants to uptake more nutrients than they normally would. hence if your plant maxes out at 1000 ppms, giving it floralicious plus would allow it to max out around 1200 ppms.

Thats as best I can do at the moment Canuck. I hope this helps!