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01-14-2010, 07:34 PM
I am new to hydroponics, and i am planning to use my store room for growing tomatoes and leafy vegitables. Is it enough to keep one exhaust fan to recycle the air? or do it require any other controllers eg Co2 controller, humidity controller etc. Also do i require to bring down the air pipe to blow directly to leaf or root? or just keeping the exhaust near to the roof top should be fine?

Also please suggest me any link or book to know what plant requires what temprature, Co2 etc.

Thank you very much.:)


01-15-2010, 12:25 PM
Hi Gupta,

first question-Do you need multiple air cooling fans for your grow room?
That depends on if you plan on using C02 in your room. If you do, then yes you will need two independent ventilation systems. One would be for cooling lights, which would run directly through the room. The other would be for scrubbing the air circulating in the room. This can be accomplished by having an exhaust fan coupled with a carbon filter connected with some flexible ducting. This will affectively create negative pressure and pull fresh air into your grow room.

Co2 Controllers and Humidity Controllers (Dehumidifiers)-

If you want to introduce C02 into a grow room you have a few options to look at and decide which one is most cost effective and easy to maintain.
first is the C02 "pucks". They work in a similiar fashion to "Alka-Seltzer". You drop one of the pucks into a bucket of water in the growroom and it begins to release c02 into the air.
The next option is to use C02 Tanks with a regulator valve. Tanks are about $25 to fill and the valve is about $60. You just adjust the valve to a certain PPM (Parts Per Million) depending on the size of the room. Only maintenance required is to periodically replace your tank, which can be done at a local hydro store.

Next option is a C02 burner which (pardon my lack of scientific knowledge) will "burn" the air in the growroom and produce C02 for your plants. I find these units uneccessary unless your growing in a warehouse or something similiar. They will raise the ambient temperatures within a certain radius which is not good at all. Plants will thrive at a nice 76 degrees, which should be easily maintained if you have the right equipment for the room size.

You shouldnt have any humidity issues if you're keeping things nice and simple. The larger the growroom the more problems with humidity you will have. If you live in a humid climate and are pulling the cool air into your grow room to maintain temperatures then you may develop "micro-climates" below the canopy. To avoid this, make sure every plant has enough room to stretch without touching the tips of the leaves. Also a small oscillating fan will effectively circulate fresh air through the leaves and will help to avoid developing micro-climates, where fungus and mold can thrive :-O

I think that should be enough information to get you going. Hope this helps!

09-19-2011, 10:35 PM
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