View Full Version : Greetings from a newb

01-25-2010, 09:12 AM
Howdy. I am new to hydro, but I have had a few outdoor gardens. I can grow great tobasco poppers in soil, but I have NEVER had any success with tomatos. So out of bordom/frustration, I decided to convert a small 8'X11' section of my shed to a hydro garden.

The area will be enclosed and insulated with heat and air conditioning, and with the low 7' ceiling hieght it should be fairly easy to maintain a steady climate year 'round. Living in Florida I decided to air condition the space because high heat and high humidity are the prevailing conditions during the summer months.

I still haven't decided whether I want to build a NFT system or go with a bucket system like the Ebb & Grow or the Water Farm by General Hydro. I would like to have my garden divided into three seperate sections so I can grow three different varieties of plants and maintain the proper nutrients for each, rather than try to grow peppers and tomatoes in the same solution.

I would like to built and experimental system that I have designed in my head that uses 10" round PVC and works like an NFT, but with misting sprayers between each net pot and a fogger in each tube. In my mind, the sytem would run the NFT pump all the time, and then for 20 or 30 min. every couple of hours the mist sprayers and fogger would run. I am intrigued by the aeroponic systems I have seen on Youtube, but I am not wowed by being limited to the size of of a Sterilite tote. But if you could combine the best qualities of the aero system with the best qualities of an NFT system, it seems like that would be a good way to proceed.

Anyway, I have about a milion questions for you guys and I look forward to learning all I can from the members of this great forum!