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02-09-2010, 05:59 PM
Hi All;

I am new to this. I am growing some lettuce and basil. I have an emily's garden, where there is a tub of nutrient and the nutrient gets absorbed up a wick and to the plant.
1st the plants don't seem to be growing as quickly as expected. I am going on 5 weeks and the tallest plant is 3-4 in tall. I change the solution once a week. I am using the Gen hydroponics Flora gro, Flora micro and Flora Bloom. The PH is around 6. My temp is around 70 degrees. What is really funny is that a few of the plants are growing much faster than others. I even have two Basil's in one cube (Which I was told was fine) and one is growing great and the other is not so. I have one lettuces that seems to be taking off and the others are not growing that quickly. Any thoughts or suggestions? I read one persons blog on here who said that he grew basil and it was growing like crazy. What is he doing that is working so well? Any help would be great?


02-09-2010, 07:02 PM

There are a number of potential reasons your plants are growing slowly. First off, when there are two plants in one cube and one is growing much faster than the other, I usually destroy the smaller plant by pulling up on the stem until the roots come out, since the larger plant is probably going to starve the smaller one if left alone anyway.

Different rates of growth may also have something to do with genetics, as some plants (and some individuals among a homogenous group) grow faster than others.

I'm assuming you're following the directions on the bottle for the GH 3-part nutrients. My suggestion would be to half the recommended dose next time you change the reservoir, and see if that helps, as you may be overfeeding the plants a bit by following their directions.

You might also want to consider getting an enhancer, like Floralicious Plus, which helps in the uptake of nutrients.

Lastly, I don't know whether you flush weekly, but I would highly recommend doing this, as the GH 3-part nutes have a high salt content. You'll need a flushing agent like FloraKleen for this.

Hope this helps!