View Full Version : Additional questions from a Nooby

02-10-2010, 09:05 PM
Hi All, I was told that maybe the reason that my Basil and lettuce were not growing quickly was that I was giving them too much nutrients and to cut the amount in half. I thought that I read that the plants would take what they needed? Is that true. I also thought that if I was giving them too much that it would burn them. I don't see signs of burning. Could anyone shed some light on this subject.

I read that you need the temp of the environment to vary by at least 10 degrees over the span of a day. How critical is this? Also how critical is the humidity and what % humidity should I have for Lettuce and basil?

How do you determine how large of an area a plant needs and how close can you plant them together? I was told that if you have more than on plant in a cube that you should thin it out to only one plant b/c one plant would steal the nutrient from the other, How it that, I have two gallons of nutrient solution and three little basil plants and three lettuces. Can anyone give me some info on this?

Also, how quickly should it take lettuce to grow to harvest? How long for basil? Maybe I am too impatient.

Thanks for your help and sorry for all the questions.