View Full Version : Issue with stem of Basil cutting

03-11-2010, 04:56 PM
Hello, all.

I am rather new to hydroponics, and am having an issue with a Basil cutting I am trying to start separately from a main plant.

I have one Basil plant that is simply beastly. I thought it would be a nice learning experience to try starting another one from a cutting, and I read online that Basil was so hardy, it didn't even need any rooting hormone - just stick it in the water. It is sitting in a separate tank, with a separate aerator (I picked up a 10G fish tank aerator at a pet store around the corner for practically free). It's been about 6 days, and while it hasn't wilted, it's not creating any roots, and the stem of the cutting has turned up (like a U) so that it's above the surface of the water. Any clue where I am going wrong here? I would love to see this experiment succeed!



John M.
03-29-2010, 12:37 PM
The retail staff here at BGH have taken hundreds (maybe thousands) of Basil cuttings. The stem curl is something I have seen before, and it did not hinder the cut from rooting from what I remember.

6 days is fairly quick even for a Basil cutting. I would imagine that since it took me some time to respond to this that your cutting has already rooted.