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03-11-2010, 07:22 PM
I am new to hydropinics and have been reading a lot and there seems to be so many ways to do everything. I would greatly appreciate some guidance on what to plant in the following setup. I will list my setup first followed by what is currently growing in a seeding tray. The seeds are just starting to pop out the oasis cubes.

6 Site bucket Drip system using 3 gallon buckets, 18 gallon nurtrient tank, 6 inch mesh pots

Econojet 2' X 2' Jetflo Econo Ebb & Flow

4 bubblers, 2 of them have (4) Medium 5" Fully Netted Pots and the other 2 have (6) Medium 3.75" Fully Netted Pots both all using a 4 gallon Reservoir, pump, airstone, etc.

600 watt HPS & MH Conv
T5 4foot 8 lights, 4 blue and 4 red mix

Current Seeds I have growing and will soon need to transplant to the systems.

Tomatoes Cheery & medium sized bush , Hot peppers, Melons, Lettuce, Basil, Cilantro, Cucumbers,

What plants should be grown in which system? I understand the larger Drip with 3 gallon buckets will handle the larger tomato plants however what about the other systems?

Can I grow Tomatoes and peppers in a Drip system with 5" mesh pots and 4 gallon resivor or is this not appropriate?

Also I am confused about the Botanicare 2' x 2' Econo Jet Ebb and Flow system. Am I supposed to but mesh pots on the tray or do I fill the entire tray with Hydroton and put my plants in this? Will this system support larger plants?

When transfering a small plant from the seeding tray in the oasis cube where do I place the Oasis cube? Should it be put on the bottom of a mesh pot then fill it with Hydroton or should I fill half the mesh pot with hydroton then place the cube and plant on this then apply more hydroton over this?

I apologize for the lenth and all the questions however I am trying to jump into this using multiple systems and there is a lot of different opinions and instructions out there. I would appreciate some advice from those who have already done this.