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03-29-2010, 05:36 PM
Im 25 and only recently tried ****, I hated the hell out of it, but then my bro got me to try some hydro and man I loved that shit. It didnt do to me what the other **** did, I just liked the hydro a lot. But finding it around where I live is impossible, everyone around here just deals regular ****, and its garbage and over priced too. So I said screw it, I want to grow my own, just for myself tho, definatly will not sell it. Because apparantly if you sell **** you might as well have sold a fucking bomb to a terrorist or something.

Ill admit I did just find this site and automatically registered and wrote this, Im about to go thru all the past posts and the FAQs, but Im hoping some of you can help me out and point me in the right direction. Now I do live with my parents right now, but both are for me ******* ****, hell my Mom actually got me some one time, that was priceless. They dont care if I grow it, but naturally they dont want me displaying it, or ******* it inside the house which sucks because my neighbor at one point worked for the Sherrifs department.

Just some quick questions and if all the answers are are just a link to where its located on the forum here, I would really appreciate it.

What is the deal with bubble-ponics versus hydro?
How fast does hydro or bubble-ponics grow, roughly 4 to 6 plants?
Do I have to have a grow room, or can I just house all this in my closet?
Whats the best grow room or grow system setup for me just wanting to grow?
Wheres the best place to get the seeds?
How do I continually grow?

Again if anyone can just point me in the right direction, books, websites, threads on this forum, etc. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

03-30-2010, 11:40 PM
If you are going to be successful, you need to be self-motivated to find answers, solve problems and figure things out for yourself.
What you need is knowledge. The answers to all of your questions are in a book or on one of several grow forums.
Nobody has the time to hold your hand and tell you what books to read and where to find answers. You have to do the work. You have to make your own mistakes and then learn from them.
To start from zero and decide you are going to run a hydroponic, bubbleponic or any advanced system is a very bad idea.
Save your money on expensive gear and just learn to grow 1 or 2 plants in some dirt.
Yes, it sounds simple, who can't grow a couple plants in some dirt, right?
While this may seem like a simple thing to do, you will run into problems that you have not considered.
You need to learn how to grow a plant or two and gain some experience from the failures you have.
If you want to jump in and grow many plants in an advanced system, you are going to set yourself up for much frustration and failure.