View Full Version : Please advise on the following; Ebb & Flow System

Lawrence Croeser
04-29-2010, 12:58 PM
Good Day,

I intend to build a hydroponic system, in my back yard. I have looked at various sites on the Internet.

I would like to build an ebb & flow system comprising of the following, please suggest if there is anything you would not do for any reason.

1) Medium river sand washed.
2) The plants would be planted in PVC pipes, 4 number either 160 or 110mm diameter & 3 meters long . I read some where that pipes are not a good idea. Is this correct, why?
3) Each plant would have the nutrient directed to it.
4)The rest of the system would be pretty standard, timed pump, and gravity feed back to the nutrient tank.

Many thanks............Lawrence