View Full Version : Will this work? Can I modify the cord?

05-07-2010, 02:30 PM
Hello, Im new to the board. My name is Brad and im new to hydro growing aswell.. Im starting my first grow here really soon. My seeds will need placement quick as they are almost ready.. Ive already collected some CFLs for the operation but have read CFLs are not the greatest.. So ive been researching an looking for a good deal on a HID setup with not much luck.. To expensive it seems for a first timer like myself.. Then I came accros this light setup that is no longer being used here at work.. It was a light used to light up the American flag 25ft up a long time ago..

So the question is...
Can someone tell my what kind of light it is? If it will work to grow plants? Would it have the right spectrum or colors of light needed to get through all stages of growth? Veg - flowering/budding?
Will I be able to modifiy the cord from the three prong funny shaped thing to a standed plug with ground?
I have got this for FREE and am hoping it is usefull..
It almost looks like the same style of bulb I see with these "HID" setups.. Please ANY and all info is really helpful.. Thank you for reading..

05-14-2010, 06:43 AM
You have showed two kinds of lamps, one appears to be HID and the other halogen. You are going to have to find out the ratings in amps/watts for the lamp/ballast assembly. The three-prong plug you are showing is not standard voltage/current plugs for a good reason, they draw too much current.

Worry about the lamp spectrum after you get the electric right so you don't burn your house down.

05-26-2010, 02:21 PM
Hey Brad, what it looks like you have here is a 400 watt Metal Halide system. it looks to be an enclosed ballast system, meaning the ballast is inside the housing of the reflector. you can confirm this by lifting the unit. if it is about 20 pounds or more, it's got a ballast in it. if it does have a ballast in it, you'll just need to plug it in and go! the only problem with that is you have a 30 amp 240v plug on it. that means the ballast is wired for 240v service. if you want to fix this, you can open up the ballast housing and trace the black(hot) wire to the transformer. Hopefully the ballast will be multi-volt and the black(hot) line will be connected to a lead that should have 220 or 240 printed on it and will also have a 120 lead that isn't connected. if that is the case, you can disconnect the black(hot) line from the 220/240 lead and splice it onto the 120 lead and then put a standard 120 plug in in place of the crazy three prong one that's there now.

now i understand all that sounds pretty daunting if you've never worked on a ballast or with electricity before. you should understand that there is certainly a risk of electricution, fire, and explosion if anything is done improperly. this is the benefit you get when you buy a HID lighting system from BGH.