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slippery surgeon
05-22-2010, 07:45 AM

I am thinking of building a new grow room. The grow room will essentially be a patio that I am going to close in with tin and corrugated pvc sheets (for natural light). This will be done in the southern united states. (high temps and high humidity)

All other variables aside. Using wall mounted AC units to provide fresh air and cooling, for the plants and growing environment; does this raise any immediate flags of caution?

05-24-2010, 12:45 PM
Just to start, window a/c units won't provide a lot of fresh air and still cool your grow room. The cost of running the /ac unit will be extremely high unless you insulate the grow room and temperature control will be difficult if not impossible without a very large unit.

You will need to build a structural support for the a/c as it will break corrugated PVC sheets running normally