View Full Version : New grow room setup 5x4x8 - Please review and critique

07-15-2010, 12:52 PM
I have done a ton of research the past months and found a lot of great info and am ready to get started on a dedicated grow room. Right now is more of an experimental stage for me testing different methods for efficiently mostly for fun and knowledge sake.

The Details:
1 enclosed room with no windows. 510 x 4'4 x 8' tall

The Equipment:
1 DWC 10 gal tank (fill to 1 inch above bottom of net pot and have 2 ceramic air stones on constant) (2 plants)
1 Aero 10 gal tank (fill to a few inches beneath net pots, have misters on constant) (4 plants)
1 Aero 18 gal tank (fill half way, use misters and air stones constant) (4 plants)
1 DWC 5 gal bucket with net pot lid (fill to 1" above bottom of pot, air stone on constant)
1 2 T5 HO light 2 bulb (running one veg and one bloom bulb for entire cycle)
1 4 carbon filter with 170 CFM inline fan for exhaust
2 4 fans for circulation within the room
1 wireless temperature and RH gauge
- And of course nutrients and water treatment supplies (PH+-)

The Plan:
Room will be cleaned /sanitized using MoldControl (no bleaches, ammonia or VOCs)
Panda film to cover the carpet and 3/4 the way up the wall's but not the ceiling.
Mounts and brackets for light adjustment and circulation fans
Use 1 or 2 of my above options at a time - I realize I need more light if I wanted to try them all at once

Regarding ventilation and the carbon filter-
Im undecided on what would work best keeping the room sealed using the carbon filter as a scrubber and circulating the air within the room which will be sealed up 99% of the time.
Do I create an exhaust vent to run the filter and inline fan, and create a passive intake?
(different sources come back with different results but pretty much 50/50)

I read so much that the proper air flow is critical but I also see many people who have had great results using a closet grow where the only time the air is exchanged is when they open the door.

I look forward to comments and suggestions from anyone that has experience with the above kind of setup. Thanks in advance !

08-26-2011, 01:02 PM
Awesome! this is exactly the info I am looking for. I am totally new to hydroponics and have no idea where to start. But I want to use a closet to start with. I will be watching this thread closely. I am unfamiliar with the products you are discussing. Any chance you can post some pics?

09-03-2011, 09:24 AM
I think if you're going to go with just the 2 t5's you could cut your room size down even further and make a room within a room that would enable to control the environment in there even easier. Exchange the air from your newly created smaller room and the rest of the closet. And if this is a first time grow i personally prefer the DWC method (no sprayers to clog, no water pump necessary, just run some enzymes and keep the water at or a little below 72 degrees. Cheers and best of luck.