View Full Version : neebie advice needed :)

07-25-2010, 12:35 PM
Hi All,

New to the site and new to hydroponics so I have a few questions or two.

Essentially I have a poly tunnel in which I normally grow veg and fruit in grow bags. I would like to look at moving over to a hydro system but I have a few design problems that might prevent or complicate this. Chief of these, is the complete lack of power in the poly tunnel and having a mains feed is also not a possibility. I may in the future be able to rig up a battery supply but I would very much like to give it ago on a small scale first.

With this in mind I am guessing that a deep culture system would be my best bet to begin with. I was thinking of getting some storage containers and making/modifying the lid to hold some net pots with the growing medium in. Would this still yield results (obviously not the optimal results) without any forced aeration going on? Is there a non powered way to airate water?

Using this set up what would be the best medium to put in the pots?

Any suggests thoughts welcome,