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11-05-2010, 06:37 PM
Hello everybody, My name is Jake and I recently got into hydroponics. I wanted to introduce myself so I can familiarize myself with everybody on here. I will maybe be asking a lot of questions I hope you guys don't get annoyed of me or flame on me :cool:
Well... I've been looking around at some online sites. Has anybody heard about tigerhydro.com I wanted to purchase some items from them but would love to hear you guys input, or any other stores I can take a look at? thanks!!!!

11-08-2010, 12:01 PM
I wouldn't buy from them man.
Never have but it looks real limited.
Theres plenty of other spots. Hit me up if u need a list.

11-08-2010, 12:36 PM
Hey Jake,

Welcome to the forum!

I have personally never purchased from them. However there don't seem to be any reviews about them online. I am sure that if someone had a bad experience with them they would have plastered it all over the internet like I've seen so many times before. So I guess this could be one of those cases where no news is good news.

Good luck with your hydroponic projects, Jake.

Best wishes,


11-23-2010, 11:09 PM
i know a friend who is trying them out. Let you know how it goes.

11-23-2010, 11:47 PM
hi there

I know a friend who is trying them out. Well see how it goes. more updates to come.

11-24-2010, 07:52 AM
Several pre-payment inquires regarding desired order were made to TH and were sent to [email protected], all emails were replied within the hour. Everything seemed good. Received 10% at time of order.

After payment, on 11/17/10, order and payment confirmation was received later, from [email protected], that day indicating the tracking id for the order and that the order was scheduled to be shipped that evening and ups data would be available in 24-48 hrs. Everything has gone to plan so far.

So on 11/19/10, 2 days later, expecting to see first piece of data on ups track and confirm site, however, no such luck. Later that day, a phone call was received from a TH representative indicating that an item from order was out of stock until 11/23/10 and order would be shipped 11/24/10. During all previous contacts with TH regarding the order, prior to and at the time of sale, no attempt was made to notify buyer of any item from order that was out of stock or on backorder, nor was it noted anywhere on the website. Also, after receiving the call, the website is checked repetitively to see if they have updated their stock level, or lack thereof, for items ordered, and no changes to stock levels have yet been made. Thus, allowing other potential consumers/visitors to believe items are in stock when they physically are NOT.

At this point, dissatisfaction is obvious, since one of the major factors involved in the decision making process was speed of delivery and time.

Attempts to contact TH on 11/22/10, regarding the status of the order and reasons for the delay, through email has failed and no replies have been received at the time of this post.

At the moment, experiences with "TigerHydro" can be described as very inconsistent and skepticism is a high.

11-24-2010, 05:32 PM
Canceling the order was becoming a clear option due to frustration caused by lack of post-sale service, time restrictions and one week delay in the desired/anticipated schedule.

On 11/23/10, contact was achieved through their online chat, which operates very limited hours daily, (first successful attempt after numerous check-ins over several days) and inquiry was made with regards the status of the order in question, with the topic subject: 'my order is on backorder. i want to cancel it'.
The representative responds with the tracking id stated in the confirmation email received a week ago; (last form of email contact as of this post), and confirms order was just recently shipped, which is one day earlier than in the previously stated unexpected phone call notification. The optimistic assumption is made that the stock was replenished faster than expected and the order was also.

On 11/24/10, initial data appears on UPS website stating item, corresponding with tracking ID received, was accepted at 1129 am EST on 11/24/10 (date not typo), providing some hope of a completed transaction for both parties involved. Satisfactory rating and reviews is still dependent on remainder of transaction.

It is understood that a new business may carry limited inventories to reduce costs and thus experience more back orders, but is no excuse for communication deficiencies. Nevertheless, the inconsistencies in statements online, emails and correspondence with support, and lack of rapid notification of discrepancies/changes is a major area of concern especially for a business trying to gain the trust of many skeptical potential consumers and build a reputation for "stellar customer service" as quoted on their site.

More updates will be posted later regarding quality of follow-up customer service, speed of delivery and quality of products upon receipt, if any, and whether product specifications upon receipt match product descriptions.

12-02-2010, 04:33 PM
Update #4 - Completed Transaction/Conclusion

Emails were responded to one week after initiation and confirmed that the order was shipped on 11/24/10. Complete order was received 11/30/10, all items in functional state.

In conclusion, I rate my experience with TigerHydro as just below satisfactory, 6.5/10,
mainly due stock issues, delay and communicational deficiencies. The stated rating
assigns equal weight to three general categories, customer service, shipping and product.
Despite this, please be aware this is only one experience/transaction, tested in the early
stages of business inception, and does not imply that you will have a similar experience
or should it detract you from inquiring about TH or its services, currently or in the future.

Before purchase/experiment, collection of reviews and experiences with TH were attempted,
in particular for those similar/identical to desired order, however, minute and insufficient
data was available to develop a legitimate hypothesis without actual 'experimentation'.

Again, any hypothesis developed from this experiment cannot be confirmed and is not a proven
basis for similar experiments, if you so desire, due to sample size, youth, growth potential and
a significant competitive advantage; a low cost web-based only structure permitting utilization
of cutthroat pricing, with expected profits, however, at the sacrifice of other core services.
This dynamic allows for a wide spectrum of outcomes in the future, including progression in areas of current weakness through development, accumulation and/or enhancement of assets/resources; cashflows, personnel/brainpower, workforce, networks, various products lines, brand selections, experience etc. Counter-actively, this dynamic can also
result in deterioration of the same services over time (or even non-existence), if specific (drastic) conditions occur.

Hence, do gather more currently readily available data/reviews/comments/experiences,
if possible, at the time of your inquiry/purchase with regards to current overall business quality and
services offered, especially those most important in the purchase decision. For example,
if you only care about price and TH has want you what, give it a try (do include shipping charges in prices)
Here are some of the variables important to this experiment/transaction and analysis/rating:


Customer Service - 5.5/10
Quality of Overall Customer service - 5/10
Availability - 4/10 -minimal at best. Online chat is rarely available and no customer service line,
Pre-sale - 8/10 - emails replied within 24 hr with adequate detail and clearly answer concerns
Post-sale - 5/10 - received email response 1 week after initiated
Communication - 3/10 - inconsistent. Failed to notify buyer of out of stock item and communicated this 2 days after payment confirmation
Website /Functionality/Ease of use - 7/10

Shipping - 6.5/10
Shipping time - 4/10 - One week delay and slow notification process.
Shipping and handling charges - 7/10 - Charged $52 US;actual cost was $45.
Taxes/Duties 8/10- No sales tax on CAN purchases. No duties on order received, not sure for all products and countries. See local laws.

Product - 7/10
Price - 9/10 - some of the lowest prices for products carried
Quality of products - ?/10 - no brand, just Made in China, all products are functional. One item was damage partly (slight scratches and bent). Hard to determine overall quality without extended use.
Items as Described - 9/10, slight damage to one item
Product Selection/variety 5/10 - Limited , has the basics
Brand Selection 4/10 - Very limited or only one brand(s) to choose from for each product/category.
Inventory/Stock/Back orders 4/10 - inventories are limited and backs order are frequent.
Warranties/Policies -?/10 - Can not be know at this time, but warranties are offered on some products ordered (1-2years)

Perceived Integrity/Trustworthiness (Brand recognition) - 3/10 - a strong reputation takes time and consistently high quality customer service, Too early to say

Again, this is one experience, and helps others; do post any personal comments/reviews or experiences with TH.