View Full Version : I would like to have the best indoor grow system. I appreciate your knowledge.

11-28-2010, 11:50 PM
Hey people thanks for looking,

I will be starting an operation and would like your input on how to make the best indoor hydroponic complete system. I have money to invest in this and I dont want to cut any corners because I want the best results. I will have one of a kind strains/clones to plug into this system. A couple things that may impact your feedback are: alot of plants will be in this system(30-40) when I start but it will eventually double in size at the minimum, also this system will be in the basement of a house.

I have an idea of what I think would work the best after surfing the net. I was thinking of using 4 or 5 inch PVC and cutting 3inch holes in the pipe for the pot containg the plant and rocks. Having a resovour with a pump pumping into the PVC on a timer and then drain back into the resovour. Having some sort of lighting, from what i have read there are two types of bulbs and i was planning on having both because what i read having both is better? I plan on having some sort of CO2 being pumped into the growing area(is the CO2 on a timer or what?). I will have it all encased in sheet of construction plastic simulating 'walls'. And I am definitely getting an industrial sized ozone generator to sit in the basement to help with odor.

This is just an idea but it seems practical. I have no idea about the lighting aspect, i have read alot and know you have to adjust the height, type and amount of light during the growth, along with the chemicals/nuetrients. And what about the LED lights, i know they are better on energy consumption but what impact do they have on growth?

Another thing that stumps me; would i hook up an air pump into the water resovour or into the 4 or 5inch pipes. Pump air in the water or into the pipe?

Will i need fans hooked up to a thermostat exhausting air even with this being indoors? Do the lights give off that much heat?

Is there anything I am forgetting? Should I do it completely different? What should i expect? What should i keep an eye on? Does this sound like it will be sucessful?

Thank you for reading, please leave some feedback and ill be checking this everyday with replies to your replies.