View Full Version : Student with a project to do, PLEASE HELP!!!

12-06-2010, 11:24 AM
To anybody that has been doing hydroponics for a long time please answer these ten questions i need them answered by tuesday 12/7 for my hydroponics questions.please email the answers to hydroproject.ponics at gmail com
the questions follow:
Hydroponics Q&A
Andrew Schwartz

1. When did you first hear about hydroponics?
2. Why did you choose to presue hydroponics?
3. What was the first plant that you ever grew with hydroponics?
4. What hydroponics system do you use?
5. If you have ever used a different hydroponics system , what was it?
6. Do you make or buy your nutrients?
7. Did you buy you hydroponics system or make it?
8. What made you decide to use the hydroponics system you use?
9. How long have you been using the method of hydroponics?
10. Do you think that hydroponics has sped up your growing process?

please make sure that when you email it you make the subject Q&A for andrew schwartz thanks