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01-01-2011, 09:34 PM
Hello all! Last year I moved into my first house and it has a basement. I would love to set something up for growing vegetables and tea all year round down there. I've been looking into different hydroponic systems and think I finally need to join the community.... to give back? Hopefully some day. No, I joined because I'm really confused on a couple things.

I'll just list em here....

1. The Ebb & Gro system looks good to me... easily expandable, easy to build, efficient with reusing water for multiple plants. I would make it rather than purchase the system.

2. Waterfarm type systems look good too for the same reasons. However, I cannot logic it out how the external air pump moves the water up the pipe... Am I missing something here?

3. How do I determine the nutrients necessary for each plant, as well as water and light cycles?

Thanks in advance. :)
PurpleLlam (I didn't see that it cut off the "a" in my username...)