View Full Version : Setup - 2 Alternatives

02-27-2011, 01:42 PM
I am amateur outdoor grower and am attempting my first hydroponic indoor setup. Ive done a lot of research and am hoping for some feedback from more experienced people on what might be best.

Im working in a 3 x 6 lighting space - fed by (2) 357magnum LED lamps

Im contemplating between (2) Ecogrow Max containers, with 6" cups and 12 grow sites within that space - or (1) Aeroflo 20 with 3" cups, from which I imagine Ill get light saturation for a solid 18 of those sites in this zone.

I was leaning toward the two EcoGrow containers, because of the large area for root expansion, figuring I would get maximum growth / production from little guys like White Widows and Bubble Gum. Also this would allow me to grow larger plants like Waikiki Queen, which I want to do, but read a lot about warnings on that and some strains being more complicated to femininely see through. Aside from a decent controlled hydroponic environment, would larger 5 foot plants be able togrow ? (2) EcoGrows under (2) 357 magnum leds?

But I figured if I was going to go with smaller plants under 3 feet, might as well maximize the light area in my growspace and go with the Aeroflo 20. under two 357 magnums, would one expect solid production from 18-20 of those sites in a 3 x 6 space?

One last question if I may - if I went with a normal flowering plant that I would have to reduce light exposure on to make it flower, and grew them alongside 10 autoflowering plants... will the autoflowering plant still be cool under conditions of shortened light alongside its friends, or is it best to give autoflowerers more solid light like 18-24 hrs a day?

thanks so much everyone!