View Full Version : new to the site. ebb and grow 12 new unit brown botom roots? please help

07-13-2011, 07:48 PM
ok, took about 10 litle ladies from aero unit they were on week 3 of the house and garden line for nutes. (trying to be detailed... w/ limited brain cells)they were great, put them in a new ebb and Grow 12 (trying to get away from the DWC). washed it all and medium (expanded clay) mixed up rez plants went nuts! was loving it... well i still am. the plants look good but the roots that have reached the bottom are brown. all the roots that are hanging look beautiful. i am trying to understand. i use drip clean (house and garden) Hydrozime... i was at 5 floods a day, today i cut them down to 3 floods a day. i wont see them again till tomarow but i cant wait is this gonna solve my problem? or is that how people grow huge trees in litle buckest with no room for roots, the root at the bottom dies and the top... w/e i think i am thinking to much. but please help me out. and another thing real quick. house and garden says after mixing a and b then PH and then add aditives... i know it is because live culters screw with the ph and then it self regulates my question is does hydgrozime do the same thing?

07-14-2011, 07:05 PM
look to every one who stumbles on this post because they are looking for advice in simillar issues i have the Ebb and Grow 12- system came with black hose 2.2 gal buckets 3? gall controler rez and 50 gal main rez. i gave it a ton of attention today and this is what i have to say. first the water level does not reach the top of the medium buckets so i raised controler bucket 1.5 inchs. then tilted all buckets just a touch to the drain side. I used 12 gauge wire made a ring w/ zip ties. then i used screen to cover the ring and placed it at the bottm of the bucket. i made the rings bigger than the bottom of the bucket. placed them in at an angle to match tilt of the bucket. for faster drying. when i left they were showing me some visial love i think i have it worked out. i hope this helps someone and i would like to wecome me to the site! unconditional love. i am out!