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09-27-2011, 11:16 AM
Hey yall! Thanks for taking the time to peruse my post. So I have a tower garden you can see it at the website dub-u dub-u dub-u (dOt) mytowergarden (dOt) com. It is a hydro system that seems pretty complete but I would like to grow mah lettuce indoors, for additional variable control. I really need a hobby (I'm a 20 comm. college kid) and I think this would be a fun project. I plan to get a grow tent, the tower itself is 2.5x2.5ft. and 4.4ft. tall. So my questions are
1) How bigga tent should I get? The lettuce heads themselves aren't going to neeed more than the 2.5ft center so I think I should be good getting something pretty tight to those dimmensions, length and width wise but I am concerned about the height, that is I don't know how high off of the plants I would like the lights.
2) I think my dad germinated and failed (he got this 2 years ago) all of the included lettuce seed, anyone grow lettuce indoors have a strain to recommend?
3) Ah now for the fun stuff- Lights! Can I get by with one light? So with lights, what kind and what accessorys will I need? I get Worm's Way and from what I read I will need to get a cordset, lamp, reflector and ballast. Since I probably won't need a super bright light do I need to include something to manage heat? Additionally, generally speaking would it be good to have a light fan going? I know plants grow stronger and take in more water when its windy.
4) I'm a little confused about nutrients and the way a lettuce grow cycle works, so again, is one light going to do?
Any tips? Lol I would love to put a Co2 system or any other tricky things that would improve my lettuce too
Thank you very much fo reading dis!
Some of my questions may appear to be common knowledge but I really have had a tough time finding info specific to lettuce cultivation.