View Full Version : flushing problem need help!

11-14-2006, 02:35 PM
hey fellow growers im having a problem!

im growing on rockwool slabs in the black trays with the 2 drips on the end that go in to the gutter to waste water bucket.
this is the problem i've been having: a friend of mine told to me flush every week. Now the way i have been flushing is to turn the drips at the end of the trays up and turn the pump on fill to top and then turn the drips back down. this acts a bit like flood and drain just to bring some new air in to the slab.

the problem is it takes to long to dry again i have to leave watering them untill they dry. i have deffishancys im in 3rd week flower, ive heard that u can folar feed when the rockwool too wet with same nuits that you normaly feed with.
i havent done this yet, my feed is canna a+b flower, rhizo root juice at the start, now i'm in the first week of pk13 14. i have only just bought canna zyme and not added yet. which is not good but had no bucks man that can go in tomorrow.
i think i have salt build up round the roots. now do i flush with cannazyme or what about using 0xy plus? just to flush and clean so i can start again with normal feed you cant use oxy plus with canna zyme.
can you tell me whats the best way to flush and whats the best thing to do with salt lock my ph 5.8 my ec 2.40 my tap water is 0.75, dirty man! ok people thanks for listening to me bable

03-17-2007, 11:25 AM
You are flushing too often. No need unless you develop a toxic problem.
when you add fresh nutes to rockwool that flushes the built-up salts away. If you read about toxic build up in rockwool and how to remedy the problem you will have climbed 3 steps up the ladder of hydro knowledge goodluck