View Full Version : Alternate CO2 Gen +O2?

01-15-2007, 08:16 AM
I'm building a small grow room (8x8x7h) in my basement and am considering CO2 enrichment. Basement is cool (65-68 degrees) year round here in NJ (AC in summer). I probably can use a natural gas CO2 generator without problem. However, I'm wondering if anyone has experimented with using an O2 concentrator (even the medical type units). It would seem that the O2 stream could be diverted to the nutrient solution and the "residual bypass stream" would have higher N2 and CO2 level which could be vented into the grow room atmosphere. This probably would not raise CO2 levels to the 1,500 PPM (perhaps someone has experimented), but it seems that it would be an added advantage.
Or has this been investigated and just doesn't work?

02-22-2009, 11:33 AM
Old school on& out doors<its been 25 yrs. Now all the equipment is new to me,but me undeerstanding of alot of growing variables is still stomg since they havent changed . My Question are many, Ventilation of 10/10 room, lighting 400watt balist with 48" tubes. My thinking as open up most of the lighting with fan on plants bringing in fresh air from out side with filter. Close er-up 3-4 hrs a night. With the lighting system Im useing will that reduce heat levels suffiecently, ANY HELP, MANY THANKS Katmandu