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01-15-2007, 08:44 PM
my grow room is a 19 3/4 W, 60in H, 47 1/2 L, Armiour that I built.I use flouresents and have 30,000 lumens. The air temp stays at 75 degrees.I use a DWC system that also has a pump and hoses to take a highly oxygenated nutrient solution directly to the root zone. You can see it at StealthHydro.com its a bubbleponics system. My pump is on the floor but I can move it. I have good circulation and feel good about introducing co2 and bought an excellofizz co2 kit. The stale air goes into my bedroom from my growroom. Is the co2 harmful, to me how do I properly/safley add co2 to my growroom. I would rather not run duct work to the window. I plan on breaking up the pucks. Please help

David G.
01-21-2007, 09:47 PM
The CO2 levels produced by the Excellofizz kit aren't high enough to cause any harm to humans or animals when dispursed into a room the size of a typical bedroom. Now, if you released a full puck into a 2x4x6' room and spent some time in there, that might be a different story . . .

You state that the stale air goes into your bedroom. If you have an exhaust fan that is constantly running during the light cycle (bringing air from the bedroom into the grow room and air from the grow room back into the bedroom) then what you really want to do is treat both rooms, which may require using the full puck.