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05-24-2006, 01:51 PM
HID Lighting Coverage

A very important part in setting up your grow room/closet/cab. Basically you want to aim for about 40-60 watts per square foot(wpsf) This rule does not take into consideration the shape of your grow area. Here is a small list of lights and room sizes that will give you an idea on what size light you'll need to setup your room/closet/cab.

100-175w = 1'.5"x1'.5" = 44.4/77.7 wpsf
250w = 2'x2' = 62.5wpsf
400-600w = 3'x3' = 44.4/66.6 wpsf
600-1000w = 4'x4' = 37.5/62.5 wpsf
1500w = 5'x5' = 60 wpsf

A light mover can be a great addition to most grow rooms.