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02-07-2007, 02:00 PM
I am thinking about making a sealed room, that would contain two carbon filters set up blowing through one and sucking through the other with two fans and ducting connecting the two in opposite corners of the room. this way the air would be double scrubbed. think this would be worth the money, also to make this system quieter would it be wise to connect the filters with bigger fans then necessary so I can turn them down or would it be wiser to just get a duct muffler.

[===][]= --> ducting + muffler --> =[][===]

(not sure if the above will help explain what im saying)

How powerful do you think the combination should be to efficiently scrub a 5ft by 9 ft room removing as much odor as possible. I am wondering between the penetration power of two 1000w lights vs. 4 600watters. I will either be using digital 600's or switchable 1000's to run MH and HPS during the different phases.

The lights will be hooked in the series format with C02 as laid out in the bghydro article. Will i be able to get away with a 10in vortex running through the 8in cool sun XL Hoods in the ran in the 4 hood w/ CO2 parallel series as shown in your guys article, or would it be wise to go with 4 cool tubes.

the article for anyone who doesnt know what im talking about

David G.
02-25-2007, 12:36 PM
You're much better off using one large filter and fan than using two smaller ones, especially when considering the cost savings.

Using a duct muffler will have a much greater impact on noise reduction than over-sizing the fan and then reducing the speed.

An 8" Vortex should be sufficient for your room and the lights, but you could go with a 10" if you wanted to overkill it a bit. The 10" is fine for the 8" reflectors, since you will be going from 10" into 2x 8" ducts (if using "Y" adapters and running the lights parallel instead of in series).

Unless you're growing very tall plants (not advisable in an indoor garden), I think you will see a much greater benefit by saving some of the money you had earmarked for the second filter and fan and purchase 4x 600W systems instead of 2x 1000W systems.