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02-09-2007, 05:47 PM
Ok i am about to buy the hydrohut mini, Finally been waiting awhile. I understand that it has 4" flanges and ventilation. I will be buying a 4"vortex that hooks up to the flanges in the hut (perfect from what i understand), this will pull cool air from outside the hut and be attached to my light, which is then ran to the elf filter. Right? Then my light is aircooled and seal. Ok i understand that but here is my QUESTION. Does the hut have other holes around the base(mainly 2 more), because wont i need an intake and exhaust just for the air that is actually in the hut. I am thinking there is a hole in top and one more in the floor. If so then i would just buy another 4" vortex, hook that up to bring in cool aiir to my grow chamber, and then another fan in the chamber pulling air out. Correct? Does the Hut have this many Holes. Am i looking to indepthly into ventilation or am i right on. Oh the light is a 600w

Also if i have a fan in the chamber, that is hooked up to ducting, can that be ran to the elf as well as the hot air coming from Light. I could put that Y Ducting peice to run the 2 ducting tubes to the elf. To many cfm for elf? Will i need these 3 fans or will it stay cool enough with just the one 4"vortex cooling the lights and some ocillating fans(if it can run like that cool enough i could install some CO2. but that is later. Thanks for all your feed back-Putt

02-15-2007, 10:25 AM
Well i answered my own ? the hydro hut does have 4 Flanges so you can cool you light and grow chamber.