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02-22-2007, 08:13 PM
Hi all, new to the forum

First off i am interested in building a grow cab similar to the one made by supercloset called the side2side (seen here: http://supercloset.com/proddetail.asp?prod=supercloset003). Except the one i plan on building will have two separate lighting systems, one 400w MH for the vegging chamber, and a 600w HPS for the fruiting chamber, instead of a single light with a mover. so my question is how should i go about ventilating this unit. I have read enough to know how to ventilate the lighting systems...but will that reduce enough heat/ generate enough (if any) airflow, even if i put in a couple 6" clip-on fans. So long story short plz explain how to ventilate the unit itself (not the lighting systems).

02-23-2007, 04:51 PM

If you are going to grow in a contained/closed area, you will need to use some sort of 'active' intake. One of the most common methods is to use an inline fan or squirrel cage blower. It is essential to do this to maintain good plant health, reduce heat biuld-up, and to bring fresh air into your room (that contains Co2). Simply circulating air in your room will do nothing but mix the air ... and that air will become 'stale' very quickly in a contained space.

If you plan on air cooling your lights with an inline fan, you can also use the same system to draw in fresh air ... all you need is a passive intake (aka, a hole). You basically want to achieve negative static preasure inside your room. This will draw freash air in from the outside.

Good growin'