View Full Version : What size exhaust fan do I need for reflector?

02-28-2007, 05:35 PM
I am going to purchase the 4 Air Cooled Super Sun Reflector or the 6 Air Cooled Cool Tube 19 Reflector. My question is, can I use either a 4" (105cfm) or a 6" axiel fan as the intake and/or exhaust ducted to the reflector? Is it strong enough to cool the reflector? Is it wiser to purchase a centrifugal fan for a 2x3x5 growroom?

03-26-2007, 02:52 PM
I use a 250cfm Dayton Squirrel Cage Fan to cool my lights. Most fans are this type and are subject to pressure loss. Pressure loss can occur in the most obscure areas. First let me explain my fans and housings. I had 3 boxes built from wood to house my fans. 1 fresh air intake using a 250 cfm Fan - 1 250cfm fan to introduce Fresh air to cool my 2 1000 watt lights. 1 450 cfm (also Dayton) fan for eXhaust. When I hold my hand over the 4" outlet on the box that cools the lights, it feels really strong, immense pressure. By the time it reaches the eXhaust box after passing through both my Super Sun Reflector housings, the pressure is almost nothing. There are no blocks or even slack in the aluminum flex tubing I use to move the air through the lights. They are attached to dual 4" male intakes. I have no doubt that if not for my eXhaust fan, the 450cfm Dayton, sucking pressure, the intake fan to cool my lights would be useless. I can't stress enough the importance of using a low Amp/High Volume fan to cool your lights. Using that in conjunction with a higher volume eXhaust fan with direct intake from the lights, you will maintain low room temps and light longevity. Dayton's fans are Low Amperage, High Volume which equals great savings with respect to electric bills.