View Full Version : How to bring in the BLUE?

03-12-2007, 07:27 AM
I have a custom Aeroponic system I have built and am having great sucess with it. I currently have a Digital LUM 600w lighting setup, and am running the HPS bulb. When I bought my stuff the guy told me that I should not waste my money on a MH Conversion bulb as this one will do everything "almost as well" and save the extra money on the other bulb. Well, Im not sure I believe him. First off Im looking to increase my light footprint as Im kind of weak in light on the outside 3 netpots on both ends of the system pictured below.
Secondly though Im very impressed with the follage growth, I know I will wet myself when seeing the result of addition Blue spectrum.
So the question is:
Would I be better adding a Digital LUM 600w 400w or 250w ballast with an MH bulb? I understand the 600w will give me more, but with matoes and Bell Peppers not being allowed to exceed 4' - 5' (where it applys) do I need it?
The system in the pic is nearly 4'x6' the center 9 pots have proven to be prime realestate. Fortunitly I have been able to shuffle some plants here and there to compensate. This is used indoors. Any help appriciated.