View Full Version : Homemade hydroponics w/ PVC? Questions

04-15-2007, 12:27 PM
I ordered a grow light, hood and ballast.(I've heard 12-16 hours of lighting a day) I'm wondering what the cheapest easiest way to make a hydro system is? I heard I can use a PVC pipe, but I don't know how (how wide? how long? how wide and how far apart the holes should be?) . What is the most simple way to flush the roots? And how long and how often? And what nutrients need to be in the water?

I am going to buy a book, I was just wondering if I can get any first hand info..

04-20-2007, 07:03 AM
during vegatative phase the standard is 18 hour of light 6 hours of darkness. when you switch to flower phase you must have 12 hours of light or less any the rest of the time you need TOTAL darkness, even a small amount of light could trigger hermaproditism.

if your just starting hydro i recomend you start with a DWC (deep water culture) system, basically it is a rubbermaid container or five gallon bucket with a lid that has one or more holes in it that are just big enough for a mesh basket to fit in. the system uses an air pump and an airstone to keep the nutrient solution oxegenated and is the simplest and cheapest way for a begginer to get into hydro. any good hydro book will tell you about it and ofcourse those websites which a hosted on servers in countries beyond the reach of american conspiracy laws have huge amounts of info on DWC systems that can also be used for tomatoes.