View Full Version : Nutrient solutions, et al

05-27-2007, 02:47 PM

1)new to this, and I would like to start with nutrient solution composition. Is there a general solution applicable to most all plants? Can a solution be generalized like this, or do the particular needs of each plant dictate a specal blend?
2) I am also wondering about overall climate. If I want to grow a northern climate plant in Florida, and am using a greenhouse, is it simply a matter of controlling the temp/?
Same question for growing in the midwest. If you are raising a variety of plants, some cold, some hot clime, is it all just a matter of temp/humidy control?

3) And what about rhizomes? Cna they be done aeroponically? Or hydrop. without a deep medium for the rhizome to pasas through--- essentially just letting it 'hang' ?

thanks for any advice, I am trying to get concepts before I move ahead