View Full Version : light won't ignite on 1st try

06-06-2007, 01:23 PM
light won't ignite on 1st try but when shut ballast off and back on it works fine. Could this be bad capacitor? light and ballast are less then 2 months old. I have 1000 watt mh ballast w/hps conversion bulb. i hate checking on light and finding it hasn't turned on. Help!

08-15-2007, 04:40 PM
Similar problems and it takes some work to figure out .
Mine was a bad batch of sylvania bulbs , yours might ba a capacitor ot another problem . It's a detective problem . I worked with a fellow who had the philosophy of replacing the most expensive part first , company man . What's cheap ? Capacitor ? Lots of bulb hours ? Wierd recall , like me ? Trade bulbs with a buddy . Get a new bulb as a back-up and try it , maybe that settles it , and you end up with an extra bulb , too bad .
Ballasts and bulbs go bad , but if it's the ballast , go digital . Much quieter , very much cooler .

11-08-2007, 08:16 PM
I'm currently dealing with a similar issue. I purchased some relighting 600 watt bulbs and after less than two weeks of operation two of them failed. I have 5 x 600 watt P.L. ballasts which are considered to be high end ballast. Initially I thought it was a bad ballast until I did some experimenting. I basically switched the bulbs around to see if the problem was with the ballast or the HPS Bulbs. It looks as if its the bulbs the first time it happened I just screwed out the bulb and back in again. The bulb ignited and ran for about six days before it went out again. Tomorrow Im buying another bulb if the system runs fine then its the bulb if not then I may have a bad ballast on my hand. Im almost sure that its the bulb though. If not all P.L. ballasts feature a 5-year warranty so I guess Im covered. The bad part is that Im in the bloom phase right now if I have to replace the ballast. Oh by the way it was two 600 watt Relighting bulbs that went bad in less than 30 days :o