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06-20-2007, 01:03 PM
In the interest of not cutting additional holes in my room, I'd like to vent the lights in my room internally. What's the best method to do this?

What I have in mind is venting the reflectors by "pulling" the in-room air through the lights, using a 6" fantech blower near the room carbon scrubber where it will (hopefully) be vented out along with the room air.

The room is about 12' x 12'. I will be venting four reflectors, 1k watts each. The room intake blower is a 10" vortex, coming from an adjacent staging room. The room outtake is a 12" through a 40" long carbon scrubber, currently slowed down a bit (to attenuate noise) with a router speed control. Reflectors are small style horizontal Sunlight Supply, 4" in/out.

Will this work okay?

Must I use an intake fan to blow air into the reflectors, or can I rely on the 6" outake to passively pull air through them?

Any suggestions welcome.


David G.
06-27-2007, 03:37 PM
Having the fan close to the carbon filter is very "iffy". I would recommend putting your carbon filter outside of the room, hooked up to the exhaust end of the 12" fan. Then, using a 12x10" reducer, 10x8" "Y", etc. hook your reflectors up to the intake side of the 12" fan.

Here's an article that will hopefully answer most of your questions:

Pay particular attention to Type 3 - Parallel Series (Without CO2). The carbon filter could be positioned as in the illustration or outside the room as mentioned above. I actually like the way it is done in the illustration better since the hot air from the reflectors doesn't pass through the filters, but you must make sure your duct runs are completely sealed with Astro Foil tape or equivalent.

Hope this helps!