View Full Version : Found A Tanning Bed In the atic

10-29-2007, 01:28 AM
So I was messing around in the attic in the place I'm renting and found an abandoned Tanning Bed of sorts. It's more of a tall upright stand of sorts. Might have been used for phototherapy. It has built in ballasts. In anycase these are the specs:

PanElite Ultralite
Model: 72PO4B 4-UVB
50/60 hz frequency

The current bulbs are:
Genesis 30 105w

I'm a newb to hydrophonics. I have a cold frame out in the back yard right now that I've been playing with. So don't flame me to badly.

I know that high output UVB isn't good for plants -- so this probably wouldn't be a good thing to use. My question is this:

Can I simply buy one or two 72 inch fluorescents and use them in it?

Does the voltage of the bulb have to match the voltage posted on the machine (115v) or are all these style lights fairly standardized to match a specific voltage.

thanks in advance.