View Full Version : Ebb&flow Question

11-05-2007, 09:19 PM
I've been playing with my new setup (american Hydro 3x3 table) Peppers and tomatos are doing very good considering they were in soil to begin with. The bells have just started to start growing. Worried about how heavy they get considering the plants are only 6inch tall. My question is how long do most of you allow the water to flood? I've got it for 3 mins 3x a day. I afraid of hurting the roots. Also is it better to have a mat under the net pots to allow the roots to come out of the pots? At the moment there just in the pots but I dont think the roots want to get hit by the light (250 hps and 250 mh). This is my first time doing hydro but things are coming along.