View Full Version : Timer Question for 1000w HPS

11-06-2007, 04:28 PM
Are the 15A timers like the intermatic,grasslin etc. ok to use with 1000w hps lights?

I've only used them with 600w system and never had a problem. However, i'm building a new grow room with 4 1000w hps lights. I've read a few articles that say that you must use a relay or contactor if you wish to operate your HID grow-light(s) with a timer because the switch contacts inside a normal household timer-plug are not capable of handling the high electrical loads required to ignite HID lamps. Failure to use a relay or contactor when using a timer to operate high-power electrical equipment will eventually result in the failure of the timers switch contacts creating an electrical hazard.

I have each ballast on a separate circuit with a 30A breaker(10 awg wire) but want to be safe. I would rather over do it on the electrical side than try to save a few bucks. Any suggestion for a relay/contactor if thats what i need?

Sunlight Supply
11-13-2007, 11:36 AM
We sell both intermatic and grasslin timers and what I can say is that they have a way higher failure rate when ran with a 1000W, and some of them come back very ugly. What you may want to look into is the T101 timer box from intermatic if you are concerend. T101 is 120V, and the T104 is 240V. You will probably need an electrician to help you wire them, but they commerical grade timers and built to hold up. If you want to go with plug in style timers I'd recommend the manual units over digital, much less failure rate.