View Full Version : which is better for tomatoes

11-25-2007, 04:42 PM
I am new to hydroponics, and would like to know which system is best for tomatoes and vegetables. I would like to use the ebb and flow system if possible. Also I have a 12'x24' greenhouse, would it be better to grow them in it or outside? I would like to grow at least 12 or more veg. plants at a time. Any info would be appreciated.

thank in advance

12-01-2007, 09:09 PM
I've grown tomatoes and other veggies in quite a few different setups and they all work well. Aeroponics in my opoinion is the 'best' but is of course the system with the most maintenence and difficulty level. DWC works well also.

As far as what's better - greenhouse or outside depends on your outside climate and your control of your greenhouse climate as well. If your outside climate is great, than outside is cheaper and easier of course. For success in the greenhouse, you'll have to control temperature, humidity, ventilation and of course have adequate light. Inside pollination is a challenge without bees, insects and wind

In the greenhouse, you'll want to research and pick varieties that will do well in the environment you can maintain. For example, as far as cucumbers, there are special hybrids for inside that are self-pollinating with smaller vines. Some tomatoes are also huge and difficult to manage inside. You'll want to pick varieties that work well in the greenhouse.