View Full Version : Converting to hydroponics

02-22-2008, 06:47 PM
So, I've been reading a lot about hydroponics, and it's gotten me curious, just what does it take to convert an existing farm, to hydroponics? (particularly for a carnation farm)

Essentially, I'm looking to convert the old family farm over from soil to hydro, some details on the farm in case they can have an effect on just what type of hydroponic settup would work best.
carnations would be the main crop
It's located on Maui,
temperature rarely gets below 50F (never freezes though these is occasionally frost on the winter mornings)
ample sunlight, and preferably we'd like to keep it to as much sunlight growth as possible, as opposed to grow lights (although, I am curious about the costs/benefits of these as well)

thanks for any advice you have. and don't be afraid to tell me if anything is impossible, just try to have a good alternative suggestion if it is

04-30-2008, 09:45 AM
The start up for a hydroponic farm is very costly.If you have windy condition where you live then you would have to build a green house.This will protect your plants from heavy rain and harsh sun.You would have to use the drip method for your hydro farm.This is the easiest and most economical for production.If you need more help on wanting to do a hydro farm then drop me an email:[email protected] can source all the material here in South africa,if you have a problem finding them in you country.I supply many country's with hydroponic set ups,as its very affordable for people to buy the products from us.