View Full Version : air cooling reflectors

03-06-2008, 07:00 PM
I started out in a basement, (low ceiling) with some 430W Hydrofarm reflectors. I hooked them up to be air cooled, (but I didn't cut out the louvers, didn't want to 'ruin it'). I still had these hot tin boxes in the room. Went to the P.L. Midi reflectors by themselves; got rid of the ducting and a fan, and just had to worry about the room temp all together. Had better results. (I attributed this to heating up a lot less tin, and the Midi's allowing the room air to cool it.) Ready to start again with a couple of 600's in a regular height room. Looking at the P.L. Deep reflectors. Experience would say go with Deep Reflector and socket assembly for $170. The other choice is the Deep reflector and Air Cooled Shroud for $60 more, plus the ducting and secondary exhaust/in-line fan. Any thoughts?