View Full Version : How do i calculate nozzle/pump ratio

06-05-2006, 04:45 PM
I am considering building my own hydroponics system using hardware parts. I have been reading alot about the process including several plans online.

I understand that the virtical height that the pump has to send water affects output, but also nozzles require a specific psi to operate correctly.

how do i determine psi based on the pump that i have, I assume that the more nozzles i add, the less psi i get per nozzle, in which case how do i determine how many of any type of nozzle i can add without lowering the psi too much to produce the right amount of microns of water (it seems that 50 microns is about the norm, short of using an expensive ultrasonic fogger).

Any help that i can get on this would be greatly appriciated.

bonneau pepper farm
06-23-2006, 06:55 PM
I just saw this formula the other day, but right off hand I don't remember where.

I can tell you this...even though I tend to use a little smaller pump...I use 110gph little giants to 1/2" black tubing, adapting to 1" pvc manifolds, then I adapt 1"t's to 1/4" drip line and run 6 sites off each 18 gallon rez...I have very nice grows using this.

How many feet do you need to raise your fluid?
A 256gph will handle quite a number of sites.

I know alot of guys that run a 512gph to handle 80 site drip

at least this will get you in the ballpark. I experimented with different size pumps, in order to determine the smallest pump I could use and get the results I required.
I was fortunate to get a real good deal on several pumps including the sizes mentioned above. I hope this helps.