View Full Version : Running a 1k HPS in DR120

08-13-2008, 09:55 PM
I was going to order a DR120, an air cooled hood and run the air cooled 1k in the dr-120.

But I have a few questions before I order:

I have a friend who uses 1k in a dr120 and he uses a fan for air cooling his hood, and a fan for pulling air through his tent with a carbon filter.... Can I start out just using the air cooled hood running just 1 6 inch vortex through it? Or do I have to have 2 fans from the start, one for the air cooled hood and one for the air in the tent/carbon filter?

How many 2 gallon "grow bags" can fit comfortably in the dr 120 under 1k?

The reason I ask is because I would have to spend over 1k on :
2 6 inch fans
an air cooled hood
carbon filter
lights, ballast, etc.

i would like to just start out with 1 fan for the air cooled hood,ballast, lights etc. and get the other fan and the filter later for the "tents air" on in a few weeks when i can afford it!