View Full Version : fluorescent t5's grow lights versus aquarium fixture

09-01-2008, 01:15 PM
So i want to make a terrarium with just plants. I have been looking around and grow the grow light hydroponic sites i only see 2' and 4' increments of t5 lights. the lowest price i have seen for a 2' size is around 130.

4' is too big, 3' is the max. 2' is too small in my opinion. So i saw this,
can aquarium lights/fixtures work to fully support plants??

opinion?? and why dont 3' grow lights exist as just grow lights, only labled aquarium lights??

09-01-2008, 03:35 PM
Yes. I've kept fully planted, high light aquariums for years now. I had so much light that I had to inject Co2 into the water (much like a greenhouse) becuase the plants would use it all up and then algae would start to take hold.

I think the reason you're not finding such small lights specifically for our use is because its just such a small setup. not enough market demand, but go to aquariums and boom...there's the market for such a fixture, for reef tanks and planted freshwater.

you should try www.hellolights.com for DIY parts/bulbs for a small scall fixture.