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09-25-2008, 12:38 AM
I've gotta few questions I would appreciated alot, if they got answered.
See, I'm new to this, but want a good setup before ordering anything.
Since I don't want to order something that doesn't fit with the other components, or components that I don't actually need.
So if you got alot of knowledge in growing etc., then I would appreciate it alot if you looked through this thread and answer what you know.
Thanks in advance ;)

All the information about my setup, room, nutrients etc. are below the questions.

1.0) Ballasts
Do I need a ballast for each lights?

Some ballasts can run two lamps, most don't.

2.0) The Systems
Is this a good setup, for a room that is about 6,00 x 6,30 metres?

Yes the components are all good quality. If I'm correct and your area is 6.0X6.3 meters then IMO you might want a little more light. Also you might want to consider a larger fan/carbon filter combo as I don't think the 66 will cover that large an area.

2.1) Lighting System
Does the lightning system fit good together?

Personally I would use a larger reflector like a Cool Sun or a Magnum XXXL.

Will I see any difference in using a 1000W MH Bulb than a 250W MH Bulb in veg. growth cycle?
Will the plants yield more if I use a 1000W MH Bulb than a 250W MH Bulb?

Yes you will see a huge diff in using 1000 vs 250 watts. Your plants will grow bushier, faster, and you can grow more of them. The yield would be greater yes because 1000 watts will veg more plants then a 250 a lot more.

2.2) Ventilation System
Does the ventilation system fit good together?

I would go to a bigger carbon filter and fan for it. The 6" oscillating fan is too small as well. Go to a couple of 12" oscillating fans or a 16" maybe. Also I would get rid of the axial fan and get a 10" centrifugal blower for your intake fan. You'll want to intake and exhaust the air in a room this big. Also I would use the noise reduction clamps instead of worm drives.

2.3) Watering System
Does the watering system fit good together?

Yes the watering system fits good together, but I would personally go hydro. For what you've got it will work though.

2.4) Controller System
Is the controller system enough for the setup I got?

No it looks like your plant pro will control the parts you have. Since your already buying all this equipment you might want to consider adding CO2 as well. It can double yields in some cases, plus your plant pro has CO2 monitor add on available.
Do I need a timer for the lights only, or can the PlantPro handle 2 x 1000W MH/HPS lamps and all the other components?

3.0) Lamp's Light Limit
I've read someplace that you could have 20-30 grown-up plants under a 1000W HPS lamp.
Could I get about 20 mature plants under a 1000W HPS lamp?

That depends on the type of plant, size of plants, etc. You would have to evaluate how many will fit under the each 1000 HPS based upon those factors.

4.0) Average Yielding
How much could I get from 20 to 40 plants?
Arjan's Ultra Haze #1
Big Bud

How much could I get per plant and total?

Floor to roof - 230 cm (Distance from floor to roof)
Square pots - 30 cm (How high the square pot is)
Lights - 30-60 cm (Distance between light and plant)
Total 140-170 cm (How high the plant could be)
If the plant is about 1,5 meter to almost 2 meter high and there's about 20-40 plants.
I'm going to use the Terra Canna nutrients and the Bio Terra Plus mediums.


I'm not sure what the forum policies are as far as discussing it. I will tell you this though, most pure sativas like what your talking about are better off outside. Because they get so tall that its difficult to get good penetration without a supplemental lighting system for the sides.

Grow Lightnings
2 x Super Sun 2 Reflectors
2 x Lumatek Electronic Ballast (1000W)
2 x HPS Super Bulb (1000W)
2 x MH SolarMax Bulb (1000W)
Grow Lights Accessories
2 mil 100' Mylar

Controllers & Meters
1 x Plant Pro - Controller Only
1 x Power Expander w/delay for Plant Pro
1 x LT-4-120 - 4-light Timer (120V)
1 x Hanna pH/EC/TDS/Temp Meter w/ case

1 x Can-Filter 66 - 26" Carbon Filter
1 x Air King - 6" Circulating Clip Fan
1 x 10" Axial Fan w/cord - 550 cfm
1 x Can Fan 6" HO Centrifugal Fan - 440 cfm
Vent~ Accessories
4 x 6" Flex. Aluminum Duct Hose - 8' long
4 x 6" Duct Hose Clamp - worm drive

1 x 40 Gallon Multi-Res Kit (Bottom & Lid)
1 x Aqua Heat Titanium Water Heater - 300W
1 x EcoPlus Submersible Water Pump - 1056gph
1 x Wateringpistol/Showerpistol

40 x 5 gallon Growing Container
2 x 15 gallon Growing Container

Nutrients & Mediums
15 x Bio Terra Plus by BioCanna - 50L
1 x Canna TERRA Flores (Flowering) - 5L
1 x Canna TERRA Vega (Vegetative) - 5L
1 x Cannazym - 1L
1 x Canna PK 13-14 - 1L
1 x Canna Rhizotonic - 1L
1 x Canna Boost - 1L

1 x Precision Scissors - Short Blades
1 x Precision Scissors - Long Blades
1 x Precipitator 360 Spray Bottle - 32oz
2 x The Canna Wrench
2 x Bamboo Stakes - 4' (25/pack)
2 x Nie-Co Rol - Plant Support Yoyos

Thanks in advance,

11-13-2008, 08:50 PM
Canna has a great product called boost. Dont even think about skipping on that in flower. Use it and you'll be thankful forever.

11-26-2008, 07:24 AM
Canna has a great product called boost. Dont even think about skipping on that in flower. Use it and you'll be thankful forever.

Oh, I forgot to put it in the buylist.
Well, thanks mate ;)

Best regards,