View Full Version : read this: Before asking your question; You will get a more informed answer!

bonneau pepper farm
06-15-2006, 11:41 AM
It is frustrating when you start a Hydro grow and then find that you have problems, but have no idea how to deal with them. You jump on the internet, and find a good forum, like the one the folks here at BGHydro have so graciously provided...

You are worried:eek: that you won't receive the proper information fast enought to save your darling plants.
Well...here you go, this should help!:):D

I find that you growers new to hydroponics, alot of times ask question's that can't really be answered completely without more input from you; the grower. I will list a few things that I feel would help you get a better more informed answer the 1st time...

Are you new to hydro?

Are you an experienced grower or total newbie?

What type of system do you have or plan to buy/build?

What type of nutrient regimen/brand are you using.
(please list all)

Do you have proper ventilation, (most important for small closed in grow rooms/huts.)

Do you have ph, ppm or EC meters to test your reservoir.

What type and how many watts of lighting and what type of lights are you using, if any. This info helps in some situation's

I can't think of anything else...Wait...sometimes a picture is worth a 1000 words.:rolleyes:

And in some cases, what you are growing will help out also.
Many vegetable have different ph and Nitrogen requirements, and it is good to research your crop, before you invest alot and destroy it for lack of basic hydro growing knowledge

We have all read/know problems in hydro escalate at a faster rate than in soil, and it seems most growers new to hydro, need answers right away. I hope this helps. Roger