View Full Version : Which filter for Vortex 6" 449 CFM?

10-09-2008, 09:33 AM
So here the story is, I bought a Darkroom DR150. Now I have a 400 watt Super Sun 2 in it. But I'm upgrading to a 1000 watt Magnum XXXL reflector in the next few months. So for my exhaust/smell control I bought a carbonaire 6" filter, and a 6" Vortex 449 CFM fan. However the filter seems to be too heavy to safely hang from the Tent cross members while hanging the reflector at the same time.

So my question is what filter should I get for this fan that doesn't weigh too much to hang from the cross members. My First thought thus far was a Can Filter 33; the can filters site says their 6" high output fan is a good match but the filter max cfm is 200 and that fan is 440 cfm. Is the fan overrated or is the filter under rated? Will my Vortex 6" 449 work with that filter too?

My second thought was the Can Filters 38 Special 50. That one says 420 CFM so it would handle my Vortex just fine and would be light enough to hang from the cross members. But the 33 is 50$ cheaper and smaller.

I'm hoping to be able to run ducting from the filter into the light, out the light, and to the fan which will be sitting on the roof of the tent. I'm hoping that the fan will be sufficient to keep the temps down with the 1000 watt light. Will I need a second fan just for the light? Anyway so any thoughts on which filter and my situation would be great.


10-15-2008, 04:24 PM
the can filter cfm ratings are somewhat misleading as they are the 'filtered cfm'. they suggest that once a fan is paired to a filter, roughly half the free air/rated cfm is lost. so basically the can 33 will still be within usable spec with any 6" centrifugal fan. if you check can's website, they recommend the CAN 6HO which is rated at 392 cfm @ 0 wg.

also the 33's are actually 12"x13".