View Full Version : hello all ppl I am new to the hydroponic thing

10-16-2008, 06:30 AM
I just got into making my first hydroponic system which turned out to be not as good as the system I bought.....

I only had 70$ and I was wanting to buy an air filteration system so I did now I have an humidifier as an airstone blowing bubbles from beneath the water adding extra humidity because I could propagate stuff any other way I am getting a greenhouse econokit tommorrow which is friday my time and I want to learn from you guys thank you so much for all your replies...cheers

10-16-2008, 06:38 AM
I have done horticulture jobs for three years exact.

I am almost passed my horticultural nursery traineeship my actual job on wholesale nursery site is to produce and wholesale plant stock on potting machines on belts that seem to act as a permenent machine that potts the plants up automatically and we fix them up by hand.

my name is jonathan by the way....

I have horticulture qualification in landscape and general horticulture,yes.

I have worked with soil for a long time and would not mind to go to the next generation of nursery work the advanced mordern hydroponics system for plants.

why I like it is because you can save water levels and cantrol nutrients
no soil needed just that cantrol of nutrients I still think soil is beneficial because it has nutrients microbe and macrobe bacteria that proccesses photosynthesis.

my aim is to get an apprenticeship promotion as you know I come from australia in melbourne.

I want to go to the next generation of mediums and horticulture production and sales.