View Full Version : Lumatek and Grolux

12-06-2008, 06:51 AM
I found another thread on here mentioning a possible incompatibility and it read exactly like what I went through this last week. Worked for like 4hrs then refused to fire it. I've let the bulb cool and let the unit sit, pressed in those white breaker things a few times, etc. Nada.

I just got this order set up recently and I was wondering if anyone else was had any experience resolving this...

Here's the previous thread:

I just got a 600w lumatek from BGH and I got 1 day out of it. Lumtek has said its my bulb. Which I picked up at the same time (grolux HPS) so they are sending me a cable to bump the voltage up. well its been over a week now and no adapter. Not a good start on my first e-ballast.